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Great to work with!

Over the past several years, I established a working relationship with Vikash Patel. I would describe him as a highly organized person who exhibits remarkable analytical, interpersonal, and leadership skills. He has proven his ability to manage multiple tasks while communicating and working effectively with people possessing diverse backgrounds

– Angela (Las Vegas, NV)

He Cares!

I’ve known Vikash since childhood, and he epitomizes honesty, diligence, and reliability.  Looking back, I realize I have turned to Vikash on many occasions for guidance and support dealing with important life decisions and career strategies.  He represents a cornerstone of objectivity and dependability in my life.  

-Bobby (Washington DC)

Focused and Serious!

It was an honor and privilege having worked with Vikash.  He is a wonderful professional and has always demonstrated exceptional ability to work with everyone around him.  He is focused and serious in accomplishing goals for his customers.

-Scott (Las Vegas, NV)

Works Hard for You!

Having known Vikash for many years, I knew that his entrepreneurial nature and strong will would allow him to do many things in life.  When we got the chance to work with him professionally, we realized there is no way we could have done this ourselves; he worked so hard, yet made the whole process completely simple for us.  We would use him again in a heartbeat!

-Purav (Houston, TX)



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